Studio Captivate is an interior design firm, specializing in branded environments and experience design. Our mission is to create quality, thoughtful designs that create an memorable experience for its users. We believe that design can make living more enjoyable, businesses more successful, and environments more meaningful. In curating a space to express a story and brand, we create the most valuable marketing piece your company could imagine.

Michelle Schildgen started this company to fulfill her passion and to put your brand and story at the forefront in design thinking. We tailor the design to your unique offerings and values while providing the right design elements and finishing touches to form a cohesive design. Michelle’s passion for dining, traveling, and experiences form a reliable perspective in creating spaces that will capture your audience and add value to your business. 

Creativity and passion combine to make something unique for you and your business. We are here to walk you through from start to finish, connect you with tradespeople, and make your vision turn into a captivating reality.

Michelle Schildgen

CEO | Registered Interior Designer | Curator

With over 13 years of experience, I understand the building process, but also know how to make unique design happen. With my contacts and past experience working as a general contractor, I am able to help your project move smoothly, while my passion for creativity and the unique will work for you to create something original every time.

I am a passionate, enthusiastic, go-getter creative person who values uniqueness, quality, and thoughtfulness. I get excited to design something new and find the inspiration that will help to create not only a beautiful and functional space, but one that makes sense to your target audience.

When I’m not happily at work, I enjoy sailing my sailboat with my husband, Paul, and my dog, Paisley. I enjoy travel, attending every art museum I come across, exploring new artists and artisans, and experiencing boujee dining and live music venues. Traveling across the world is my absolute favorite thing to do in my spare time. We have visited 7 countries while also enjoying many key places here in the US – each time utilizing my own research skills to plan and book the entire trip.